5 Best Venues For Your Music

Performing at alternative venues is the best way to grow as an independent musician. It provides an opportunity to introduce your music to a varied audience. Below are five alternative performance opportunities you must consider taking up.

1. Local colleges/Universities

Colleges and universities are the most ideal venues to reach a young and musically inclined crowd. Students very often organize festivals and events for which they might require live music. Therefore, make a list of colleges in your area and get in touch with the concerned department. Your best bet is to reach out to student organizers or the members of the student union. Colleges are great to create buzz for your music among young music enthusiasts.

2. House concerts

House concerts are fast becoming a huge trend. More and more people are opening up their homes for live performances. House concerts present a great opportunity to strike meaningful relationships with listeners and grow a loyal fanbase. Find out if there are any house parties in your locality and reach out to the owner. See if they are ready to let you perform at their house and share the profits from ticket sales. House concerts are a great way to establish yourself as a professional musician and generate an additional revenue.

3. Shopping malls

Shopping malls attract a large number of people during the weekends. It’s a great place to draw shoppers’ attention towards your music. You can reach out people of all ages with your music. Contact the most popular malls in your area and request them to let you play. Send in your demos and press kits to the concerned authority to grab a lucrative performance opportunity. Serenade the visitors with your music and provide them with an ultimate shopping experience.

4. Cruise ships

The benefits of performing on cruise ships is manifold. You get to play music to a multicultural crowd, travel across the world and grow a diverse fanbase. All you have to do is impress the talent acquisition teams of cruise ship companies with your music. Cruise ship jobs are very ideal to break into foreign markets as a musician. An added bonus is that cruise lines also hire musicians on a contract basis. Therefore, you can take it up for the experience or even opt to be employed permanently. 

5. Parks

Spring and summer months are ideal for park concerts and festivals. Parks provide the perfect backdrop to play music as people relax and unwind on a warm sunny day. You can organize a summer concert with fellow independent musicians. Alternatively,  you can send in a performance enquiry for an upcoming park concert or festival. Either ways, do not miss out on a perfect performance opportunity to spread your music.

Musicians are faced with a large number of performance opportunities. You don’t have to be limited to the standard club/restaurant venues to perform live. Explore the opportunities in your surroundings and expand your performance horizons.

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