Why You Need A Website For Your Band

For most people, social media has become part of their everyday life. Musicians can take advantage of this by posting content on these platforms. However, a Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or other social media site shouldn’t replace having a website for your band. Here are 3 reasons why every musician/band should make a website.

All Your Information In One Place: Upcoming tours. Booking information. Album release dates. A website has all your information in one place.

Showcase Your Bands Personality: The website is all yours – show your bands personality. If you have a Facebook Fan Page, you know that there is only so much you can customize. With your website, you have 100% control. Design it how you like! Create content you are passionate about, and make it a representation of your bands personality.

Social Media Comes and Goes: Just because a social media website is popular now, doesn’t guarantee it will be relevant in 2 or 3 years. Think MySpace. There was a time when MySpace was “the place” for musicians to share music. Now, virtually no one uses it. Your bands website will still be there – even when social media sites become irrelevant.

Don’t limit yourself to only having social media sites. Give yourself an edge over other artists by creating a website for your band.

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