Up and Coming Artist: Randy Brewer

Randy Brewer is a songwriter and hard rock guitarist from Detroit, Michigan. Randy has always had a passion for music. Growing up, he was influenced by Eric Clapton, Ted Nugent, Carlos Santana, and Slash.

In 2015, Randy teamed up with renowned producer Chuck Alkazian. Together, Randy and Chuck have recorded numerous original and cover works at the iconic Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, Michigan. However, this pairing wasn’t just about writing music. Randy hoped it would help land his music on TV, film, and radio – which he achieved. Some of his past pieces have been placed in commercial works, both regionally and internationally.

For years, Randy has written original music – containing numerous components of classic rock. However, he doesn’t just limit himself to the classics. Randy has also incorporated modern elements into his music, and written edgy, hard rock power ballads – proving that he is a versatile musician.

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