Musicians: How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Every professional musician needs a website – social media accounts aren’t enough. Whether it be all inclusive or minimal, make sure your website has everything it needs by keeping these traffic tips in mind.

Use Multiple Platforms

Be active on multiple channels but don’t use EVERY platform. Focus on a few that you can keep up with and direct followers to your website. If you rely only on Facebook to drive traffic, you’re missing everyone who solely uses Twitter and Instagram.

Have A Goal

What are you trying to accomplish with your website? Is it a place where you’re showcasing demos, or is it simply a profile for your band. A musician who plays for parties might have information detailing the services they provide. Figure out the kind of information you want to present as you build the perfect website.

Keep It Clean

Don’t go overboard. A potential booker wants to easily get your contact info without sifting through a bunch of band pictures. Your set up should be ideal for fans and agencies alike. Maintain an organized, professional website to keep traffic high.

Try Google Adwords

Setting up a Google Adwords campaign is an option you might want to look at. Google lets you set up a budget and find keywords that coincide with your ad. If you were to play at birthday parties, you could choose the keywords “birthday singer” and “birthday band”. By targeting Google searches, your band’s ad will show up when people enter these keywords.

After reading this article, have you checked your website?

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