How To Choose An Epic Band Name

Picking a band name could be the hardest part of your career. Will you like it a year or two from now? Making a catchy band name can be extremely challenging. We’ve compiled a few pointers to get your creativity flowing.

Will It Look Good On Merchandise?

Besides your music, selling merch should be bringing you some dough as well. Think about how your band name will look on posters and t-shirts. If it’s long, can it become a cool abbreviation? Keep that in mind while you’re throwing ideas out.

Get Ideas With A Band Name Generator

Speaking of throwing ideas out, have you ever tried a name generator? The Internet is full of generators helping you pick out company, website, and band names. Be careful when using these generators, as not every name is “random”. Always check if the name is already taken. If it is, keep trying. Remember that a generator is just one place to bounce ideas from.

Think About The Meaning

Sometimes you just want to sound cool and throw different words together. You might even make up a few one’s to really be unique. Whatever it may be, you’ll want a story to go with it. Make your band name extra special by giving it some meaning.

Understand Your Audience

Pick a name that resonates with your audience. If your country group is called “Lords of Electronic”, it might be confusing to some. Of course you don’t need to be literal with “Kings of Country”. We just advise finding a name that won’t turn people the wrong direction.

Take these tips with you as you make the next awesome band name.

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