How Musicians Can Brand Themselves

You must promote yourself with as much flair, vigor, and tenacity as possible. You are a business, and every effort should be made to keep your business running. In this media marketing game, polishing up can even influence someone to check out your music. Here are three ways to work on that image.

Invest in a Super High Quality Website

Say you catch the attention of 100k people in your latest music video on YouTube. That’s a potential crowd of many who will (hopefully) want to know more about you and what your band’s possible tour dates or performance schedule is like. Nothing can substitute a quality website. This can be expensive, but will go a long way in helping viewers take you seriously.


Get Professional “Headshots”

Now, you won’t necessarily need the same kind of headshots as an actor will, but still go for professional photos of you and your band. The price can range anywhere from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars or more, depending on whom you go to. But these animated, candid, and authentic shots show you and your band in the best possible light. Add these to your website.


Use the Right Social Media Platforms

Promoting music on social media is a given, but keep up with which platforms have morphed into the most popular. Did you know that Snapchat is now the 3rd most used platform, just behind Instagram and Facebook? The polish given to your website and your videos should be showcased to as many people as possible on both Facebook (over 1 billion users) and Instagram (over 400 million monthly users). Don’t rule out Snapchat or Twitter though.


Ultimately, all this branding work you do will help you establish some presence, and help you put food on the table. It may feel superficial at first, but remember your music isn’t, and it deserves to be heard. Why not take every possible means to make sure it is?

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Mike DiGirolamo has had a strong interest in music from a young age, playing both the cello and trombone. Outside of music he has a love for movies, theatre, and environmental science.

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