How Musicians Can Benefit From Collaborating

The music industry has a colorful history of famous collaborations. Over the years, fashion, art, and non-profits have joined with musicians to produce amazing content. You don’t have to be a solo act. Take a lesson from these unique partnerships.

Genres: Aerosmith and Run D.M.C’s “Walk This Way” is arguably one of the most iconic music collaborations in the industry. After that 80’s hit, Jay-Z and Linkin Park followed suit with their hugely successful 00’s album Collision Course. These memorable crossovers got fans from both sides jamming, and added some much needed freshness to the music scene. Expand your reach by linking up with all types of musicians.

Visual Artists: Visual art is a huge part of music. Famous musicians have been known to center their promotion material on these artistic collaborations. The “Dropout Bear” is rapper Kanye West’s signature trademark. For Graduation, West teamed up with artist Takashi Murakami to create the bear’s animated counterpart found in his music videos, merchandise, and album cover. Think about the images accompanying your music. Is it marketable? Creative? Great artwork will get you more attention.

Causes: A Concert of Hope and Hope for Haiti were two benefits concerts meant to bring awareness and resources to earthquake and tsunami disasters. Musicians and public figures hosted and performed at these shows, raising much-needed funds. If you’re just looking to play for a crowd, why not team up with a local charity for a mini-show. You would be gaining experience while helping a cause you care about.

Foster your artistic growth by trying out these different collaborations. Cool things can blossom out of working together.

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