How To Get Your Band On Coachella

With over 198,000 tickets sold this past spring, the Indio, California festival continues to be the biggest gathering of flower crowned, Hawaiian shirted, live-music enthusiasts. Coachella is the place to be and you know it’s hot because everyone raves about it on social media. Get your band on the path to this awesome festival (or any for that matter) with these important tips.

Be Amazing Live: Emphasis on live. Organizers want more than an “accurate” performance. With thousands in attendance, your band better be the most exciting group we’ve ever seen. You don’t need a whole album to get booked. Record plenty of energetic performances to go along with your applications.

Work Your Way Up: Dream big for Coachella but start small with local festivals. Have a bunch of local concerts and shows under your belt before you start applying to any festivals. Get some much-needed experience while you build up your rap sheet.

Be Solid in Social Media: The first thing organizers are going to look at is your online presence. Don’t slack on your Facebook, Twitter, or website pages. Remember, your fans are there to help you. Let them know you’re applying to festivals and how they can show their support.

Get Blogged: Getting on the blog-o-sphere is immensely important for any serious band. You want people talking about you. Having your name show up on music sites will definitely help the application process. Don’t know where to start? Follow our guide on How to Get Noticed by Music Blogs.

Seeing your tiny name on that Coachella lineup is a dream for most bands. Follow this guide and make that dream a reality.

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  • i want to work my way up to being a singer and i want to share my music with people but i never have a chance to,even if i do.this really helped me understand when i can do.

  • Same here I really want to sing and would love the chance to perform at Coachella it’s so amazing we just have to work hard and show how much we love singing 😁😄😀🙂🤗

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