How Musicians Benefit from Different Types of Marketing

What does it mean when someone tells you to “market” yourself or your brand? The notion of marketing is extremely broad and can be hard to understand – especially when all you want is a tangible form of success ( that is, a certain number of views on your videos, getting paid to make music, etc). To make things simpler, we’ve broken down the most basic and effective marketing methods every musician should be utilizing.

1. Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is making the business transaction less about the sales and more about the relationship between you and the client. You can implement this by focusing on the relationships with the people in your career. Establish yourself as a hardworking, reliable musician to venues, fans, and other people who can take you places. Building solid networks is vital for your career.

2. Word – of – Mouth Marketing

Word – of -mouth marketing occurs when people are either paid or encouraged to spread the awareness of a brand. Try hiring a street team who will wear your merchandise at concerts. Ask fans to drop your name on music blogs and forums. Encourage all your followers to share your videos on Facebook and Twitter. With this method, your reach spreads through the efforts of both yourself AND others.

3. Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing involves giving the audience incentives in exchange for helping your campaign. For example, you can give out samples, hold contests, or have giveaways. You can send the lucky fans signed CDs or just something that you think they’d like. In return, you ask for a “follow” on Instagram or a “like” or “share” on Facebook – anything that will help you gain followers and spread your name.

You don’t need a business minor to enjoy the benefits of music marketing.  Start yourself on the right foot and take advantage of these methods today!

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Vivien Bui is a musician and writer. She enjoys going to concerts, writing at night, and sitting in a coffee shop with a good book.


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