How MissRemiAshten Reached Almost 90 Million Views

YouTube has a long list of successful content creators. Some of them blend in, and some stand out. Remi Cruz from MissRemiAshten is definitely part of the latter. Cruz makes fashion and lifestyle videos, like a lot of other people, but her personality and attitude sets her apart.

Here are three reasons why Cruz made it big on YouTube.

1. Use positivity to inspire viewers.

There are a lot of people with pleasant personalities on YouTube, but Cruz’s endless gratefulness and positivity tops most people. On her main channel and vlog channel RemLife, Cruz is always expressing her gratefulness towards towards viewers and sponsors, and is always taking a bad situation and trying to make it positive.

A lot of comments in her videos are viewers saying how much they love her positivity, and how she inspires them to be more positive. Positivity and gratefulness might not be the first things you think of when trying to grow your channel. In Cruz’s case, it helped grow her brand.

2. Don’t be afraid to talk about controversial topics.

Cruz has been a victim of cyber and real life bullying. In the fashion and beauty industry, young girls tend to look the same when it comes to body size. Cruz has been breaking barriers in the YouTube fashion realm and she is inspiring her viewers to have the same confidence she has.

She’s not afraid to talk about fat shaming from time to time because she knows it will help people who are going through similar experiences. She also lets her viewers know she is just a normal person, and doesn’t want her size to define who she is.

3. Advertise products you love and genuinely use.

When moving up in YouTube, companies will send you things they want you to review. Cruz has made it obvious that she only mentions products that she truly loves and actually uses.

When it comes to advertisements, being genuine and honest is very important to viewers. They don’t want to feel cheated or lied to about a product. When MissRemiAshten advertises a product, viewers can count on her to tell the truth.

MissRemiAshten is a ray of positivity and honesty in the world of YouTube. She lets her personality shine through and inspires hundreds of thousand of people, leading to major YouTube success. If you want to follow the footsteps of any YouTuber, Remi Cruz is definitely a great choice.

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