4 Pieces of Merchandise That All Millennials Will Love

As an musician, it’s important to be remembered by your audience so they will continually listen to your music. Keeping the attention of millennials will prove to be very beneficial for any musicians career. After any show or event, it never hurts to sell or giveaway merchandise that has your logo or song lyrics on it.

Here are some merchandise ideas millennials will surely enjoy.

1. USB Drives

This is super techy and great for the busy millennial who has a lot of documents and files to transport. By creating a custom USB drive to give away or sell at events, you will be sure to be remembered in any millennial’s life.

2. Baseball caps

Another common concert item, baseball caps is merchandise that people will love. It’s simple to wear and will match perfectly with the custom t-shirts. Let’s face it, baseball caps never go out of style!

3. Phone cases

Phone cases have become a popular trend ever since people have gotten more reliant on their cell phones. By purchasing simple phone cases with your logo or simplistic design on the back, you have a trendy and usable item to offer fans.

4. Stickers

Stickers are used as a decorative item amongst many young adults, especially in college. They can be used to cover laptops, phones and tablets as a form of expression. Allow your audience to express their love for you by creating and disbursing custom stickers.

A key thing to remember is that merchandise is not only used to satisfy your loyal audience, but to brand yourself and promote your music. Take your career to the next level by producing custom merchandise that caters to millennials.

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Ashley Reed grew up in Detroit, Michigan and attends Michigan State University. She enjoys writing creative pieces, creating YouTube videos and entertainment news.

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