The Number 1 Marketing Tip For Musicians

Email is one of the most effective forms of online marketing. Send an email to encourage fans to buy your music, leave a review, watch your recent YouTube video or perform any desirable action.

According to Kissmetrics, email has three times as many accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined. Thus, it provides a lucrative means to inform more people about your music. Further, email is a more personal medium and is far better than social media to develop a long-lasting relationship with fans. Thus, it is extremely vital that you build an email list for marketing your music. 

Below are quick tips to help you build an email list:

1. Collect email addresses of fans when they book tickets for your gigs.

2. Get fans to sign-up their emails at merchandise booths in your live performances.

3. Include an email collection widget on your website.

4. Put up calls-to-action on your website (for example, “sign up for the monthly newsletter to get exciting content”).

Statistics reveal that email marketing is the third overall lead generation source for marketers. This means, you can convert a vast percentage of email recipients into loyal fans through emails. To ensure a high ROI, you must adopt well-thought out strategies. Your email newsletters must be such that they connect on an emotional level with your fans. Therefore, provide them with an insight into your creative process and regularly thank them for their support. In addition, use emails as a tool to drive your album and ticket sales. Below are six important statistics to help you improvise your email marketing strategy:

1. Write a compelling email subject line. 33% of email recipients open emails based on subject lines. (Source: Convince and Convert)

2. Write brief and catchy subject lines. Subject lines with 30 or fewer characters perform above average in opens, clicks, and click-to-opens.  (Source: Adestra) 

3. Include social sharing buttons in your email. Emails that include social sharing buttons have 158% higher click through rate. (Source: GetResponse)

4. Use the recipients’ first name in the subject line. Click-through rates are higher when using the recipients’ first name in the subject line. (Source: HubSpot)

5. Send out emails during the weekend. Emails sent on Saturdays and Sundays have higher open, click, and transaction rates.  (Source: Experian)

6. Don’t spam your subscribers with emails. 69% of subscribers say that too many emails cause them to unsubscribe. (Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey)

Email marketing is a great way to spread word about your music. If you haven’t included email marketing in your music marketing strategy, it’s time you did.

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