4 Ways To Shoot An Epic Video On Your Phone

Our smartphones are our windows to the world. That little device you carry everywhere serves as a portal between content makers and audiences. Smartphones are designed to shoot, edit, and upload good quality videos from anywhere and everywhere. Therefore, they are ideal as a cost-effective and easily transported video recording medium. YouTubers and directors alike have turned to their smartphones to capture their video visions.

Robert Koch’s “Dark Waves” music video is a great example of professional video content captured with a smartphone. The video was shot using an iPhone 6S, the Filmic Pro app, and a waterproof case.

Here are four ways that you can shoot good quality video using your smartphone:

1. Adjust the phone’s manual settings

Smartphones are equipped with many features for easy video shooting. Although they are great for taking pictures, the automatic settings are not the best choice for video. Adjust your camera’s manual settings in order to capture the highest quality video possible. Adjust the depth of focus, exposure, and white balance to best fit your surroundings.

2. Choose the appropriate lighting

Good lighting is the secret to good video quality. A smartphone’s camera isn’t as sensitive to light as a professional-grade camera is. Additional lighting is necessary for an evenly lit set. Research film industry lighting tips and tricks to get an idea of how to design your lighting.

3. Record high quality sound

No one wants to watch a video that’s difficult to hear. High sound quality can make or break a video. Your smartphone’s built-in microphone is good enough for recording audio. However, unless your subject is as close to the microphone as possible, use a lapel microphone to pick up better quality audio. Shoot in a location that has minimal background noise so that the subject of your video shines.

4. Use additional accessories to simplify the shoot

Though a smartphone is light and portable, it can’t do everything that a DSLR or camcorder can do. In order to shoot a really awesome video, you may need a few extra pieces of equipment to supplement it. A selfie stick, for example, makes filming yourself easier. A clip-on lens will lend your video a more cinematic look. Research what kinds of video-enhancing accessories are available for your smartphone and consider which ones would be the best investment.

Smartphones can create clever videos. Learning tips and tricks for shooting with its camera will improve your video quality tenfold.

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