The Ultimate Guide To Live Streaming On YouTube

Live streaming allows people to become a part of stories as they happen. It is a great way to engage fans and grow your YouTube channel. It provides viewers with a complete immersive experience. You can use YouTube to live stream events like photo shoots, behind the scenes moments, vacations, music festivals or interviews with celebrities. If you own a small business, you can use live streaming to provide viewers with a sneak peak into the company culture, products, production and operations.

Setting up live streaming on YouTube

To go live anytime, you need to enable Live for your channel. Confirm that your channel is verified and in good standing to enable live streaming in Creator Studio Tools.

There are two options to start live streaming on YouTube:

  1. YouTube provides an easy and instant way to start streaming now. You can send in your content and YouTube will automatically start and stop the stream for you.
  2. Alternatively, you can schedule a live event. This gives you an opportunity to preview before going live, change your privacy settings, set up a backup in case of redundancy and manually start or stop the stream.

Here are a few tips to ensure smooth flow of your live stream:

1. Try and and focus your live stream around events

Live streams are especially useful to share important events or occasions with fans. Choose an event that is ‘live stream worthy’ to get the most out of this elaborate set up. According to ReelSEO, the best live streamed events are those that go on for several days. This gives viewers something substantial to follow and it also keeps getting them back to your channel. Additionally, live streams tend to create ripple effects on social media. Choose an event compatible with your channel’s theme and consider live streaming it for your audience.

2. Get viewers involved

Get viewers to involve themselves with your live stream. For instance, you can start a social media hashtag and encourage viewers to create and share posts. You can also conduct contests around live streams about products or industry events. You can give away suitable prizes to winners. This ensures that your viewers actively engage with your live streams.

3. Ensure the stream runs smoothly

Live streaming is prone to technical snags. To provide an uninterrupted viewing experience, make sure viewers don’t face any latency or performance problems while streaming is going on. Take ample measures to ensure that the streaming runs smoothly.

Ideas for live streaming

You can live stream major events within your niche topic to create buzz for your channel. Below are a few ideas for video live streaming on YouTube.

1. Cover tent-pole events

Tent-pole events are events that have a broad appeal to your audience. These can include holidays, large cultural events such as music festivals or sporting events, rallies around social issues or trending topics on social media. Creating videos around tent-pole events can enhance your channel’s discoverability.

2. Host a live conversation

You can create and stream talk shows, panel discussions or expert interviews for your viewers. Hangouts On Air provides a quick and easy platform to conduct a live conversation with up to 10 participants. Pick a topic that your fans love and invite people to take part in the conversation.

3. Cover industry related events

If you have an industry specific channel, you can stream behind the scenes looks of major industry events. Additionally, you can stream Q&As with top executives or industry experts, informative how-to videos, product demos by experts or users and breaking news from your industry.

Live streaming is a great way to engage with viewers and increase your channel’s view time. Live streaming events has now become easier than ever. The equipment is reasonable and the set up is surprisingly easy. Therefore, occasionally incorporate live streaming into your YouTube content strategy.

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