5 Important Facebook Features Bands Must Use

Facebook is the next best option for bands that don’t have a website to promote music. The platform can be an indispensable marketing tool for bands if used right. Below are five important Facebook features that bands must focus their attention on.

1. Update your contact information in the about section

The about section of your Facebook page must include an active email address. Promoters often look at artists’ Facebook pages. Thus, make it easy for promoters to get in touch with you. Additionally, include all the relevant band links in your about section. This will direct visitors to your website and other social media accounts. Keep your contact information updated to avoid missing a good opportunity. 

2. Share relevant content

Share relevant content such as new music releases, upcoming shows, behind the scenes action and sneak peaks into your personal life. Fans love to get a glimpse into your day-to-day experiences. They would also like to know where you are playing next or what projects you’re working on. Strike a good balance between the different kind of posts you put up. Too many posts about your upcoming album can bore fans and too many selfies can drive them away from your page. Ensure that you share a wide variety of relevant content to keep fans engaged.

3. Update profile pictures and cover photos

The profile picture and cover photo section is a great place to reflect your band’s personality. Regularly update these sections with a combination of promotional and personal photos. You can exercise complete creative freedom in these two sections. Make sure you post pictures of all the band members together. Also update photos of noteworthy events, album art or a photo that lists upcoming tour dates as they occur. Avoid posting same category pictures for your profile picture and cover photo. For example, if your cover photo is of your album’s artwork, post a band picture as your profile picture. Photographs are indispensable branding elements. Use them well!

4. Tag venues and festivals

Most bands ignore tagging venues or festivals in their Facebook posts after being booked. Tagging allows the post to appear on their timelines too. This expands the reach of the post and more people will become aware of your band’s upcoming show. Tagging helps you connect with large and established crowds. For instance, tag the venue when you upload a poster about your upcoming show. During the show, take a selfie or a short video with the crowd and post it on your timeline. Fans will be able to tag themselves in the post and share it with their friends on social media. This way, your posts will circulate faster.

5. Respond and interact with fans

Fans value a personal connection as it gives them more insight into the people behind the music. Spend some time every day to interact with your fans and respond to their questions. Interaction is key to developing a loyal fanbase. As it may not be possible to respond to every comment or question, consider other creative alternatives to interact with your fans. You could, for instance, host a live chat and invite your fans to join in. Keep your fans happy by interacting with them as and when you can. 

Facebook is a great platform to reach out to a large number of fans. However, bands often don’t use the platform to its full potential. Certain features are often ignored or not leveraged efficiently. Ensure you have incorporated the above tips to get maximum exposure through Facebook.

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