Why This YouTube Star Has 8 Million+ Subscribers

Vlogger Joey Graceffa has more eight million subscribers on his main YouTube channel. He’s been creating content for more than ten years, and he’s worked his way to the top of the YouTube ladder.

Here’s why Joey Graceffa has more than eight million subscribers.

1. He capitalizes on video trends.

Whenever there’s a new video trend buzzing on YouTube, Joey is among the first to create a video of his own. If his subscribers enjoy the video enough, he reimagines the video idea into something more unique and entertaining. He’ll make similar videos as long as his subscribers keep requesting them, no matter how long ago the trend passed.

2. He championed YouTube Red by creating a popular series.

Many big time creators have found it difficult to get a YouTube Red project off the ground. Joey, however, is a different story. Rather than trying to create a sitcom or a documentary, he created a unique fantasy series called Escape The Night. He cast ten popular YouTubers to play themselves on his show, which is now in its second season.

3. He creates and sells products that his specific audience enjoys.

Joey’s viewers are quite familiar with his fascination with crystals. He’s sparked a similar interest in many fans, which allowed him to create and sell his own collection of crystal jewelry. He’s expanded the line to include jewelry inspired by his novel and gemstone nail polish.

Joey Graceffa has more than eight million subscribers because he creates content that caters to his specific audience. Because he does everything with his fans in mind, they loyally watch his videos and purchase his merchandise.

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