How To Create An Upload Schedule That Works For You

Many vloggers follow an upload schedule that determines when they upload new videos. Some may upload once a week while others create a new video every day. However, for some, actually sticking to that schedule is a different story.

Both you and your viewers rely on your upload schedule. Here’s how you can create one that works for you.

1. Determine how much time each video takes you to create.

Some videos take fifteen minutes to film. Others take hours, leaving you with a lot of footage to work through. For a month, keep a log of how much time you spend working on your videos. Write down the specific hours and minutes that you dedicate to filming, editing, and promoting each video.

At the end of the month, average together how much time you spend on every video that you made. If an average video took less than a day to create, then you have the capacity to create a new video every day. However, if you spent a week or more on each video, then a slower upload schedule, such as bi-weekly videos, may work better for you.

2. Compare your output to vloggers who create similar content.

How often do your favorite YouTubers upload new videos? Search through the past videos of content creators whose videos are in the same niche as yours and take note of how often they upload new ones.

Comparing your upload schedule to those of others creators will help you to determine how often viewers in your niche expect new videos. Gauge your content output accordingly.

3. Pick a specific day or days to upload new content.

Unless you’re putting up a new video every single day, you should pick a specific day or days to upload each new video. This way, viewers will always know when to check back for new content.

Many vloggers choose Friday or Saturday, knowing that their viewers will have more time over the weekend to watch the videos. Other vloggers choose to upload new videos every day Monday through Friday.

Setting an upload schedule will help you to better manage your channel. Follow these steps to create a schedule that both you and your viewers can rely on.

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