How These Twins Created A Strong Brand For Their Channel

Niki and Gabi Demartino couldn’t be more different. However, together, they’ve built up an audience of more than 5.5 million subscribers on their shared YouTube channel. A good deal of their success is due to their channel’s strong branding. Viewers know exactly what to expect from Niki and Gabi and love the contrast that their channel presents.

Here’s how Niki and Gabi created a strong brand for their channel.

1. Each girl chose a specific description to define herself by.

Niki and Gabi brand themselves as “the hipster and the girly-girl.” Each girl used her own social media and personal vlog channel to create a strong personal brand. However, the girls were also sure to make sure that their brands worked together.

They describe their YouTube personalities as “twins who are opposite.” Fans of both girls come together to enjoy their collaboration videos.

2. They create content based on their shared interests.

Niki and Gabi are both passionate about acting and beauty. Together, they create comedy sketches and lifestyle videos. Working together allows them to come up with bigger and better ideas than many vloggers who work alone.

3. They offer viewers two unique perspectives.

Niki and Gabi each bring something different to the table. By offering two unique perspectives, their videos give viewers something that can’t be found on other channels. Viewers can pick and choose which style or advice they’d like to follow, whether it be Niki’s, Gabis, or a combiniation of both.

Niki and Gabi created a strong channel brand by combining their unique personal brands. By clearly defining what viewers can expect from their channel, they created a community of like-minded individuals who care about the content they put out.

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