How to Increase International Viewership

All YouTubers should take advantage of the potential to share content internationally. By making it easier for international viewers to find your content, you will open your channel to more audiences. Engagement from international viewers will benefit your channel.

Here are some easy ways to increase international viewership.

1. Pay attention to analytics.

First, you must find out if any current viewers are from other countries. YouTube analytics will tell you where most of your viewers are, which will help you determine which language you should incorporate in your channel.

2. Translate tags, subtitles, and metadata.

Use subtitles to translate your video for viewers that speak other languages. Closed captions and subtitles also provide extra metadata that can help your video get search exposure.

3. Communicate with your audience.

If analytics do not give you a good enough idea of your international viewers, create a video that asks viewers where they are from and what they want to see. By simply communicating with your audience, you will get a good idea of which content will be well-recieved.

Connecting with international viewers will allow your audience to grow immensely. Take advantage of the global reach that YouTube provides by incorporating other languages into your channel. With these tips, you will be one step closer to a global sensation.

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