Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Channel

The only way to increase YouTube popularity is to guide viewer traffic to your channel. Once you have a viewer’s attention, it is important to keep it. Generating traffic towards your channel will help increase views and subscribers.

Here are the top 5 ways a content creator can drive traffic to their channel.

1. Make friends on YouTube.

Always interact with fellow YouTubers. By posting a comment on every video you watch, you allow for more people to see your name. Be respectful and supportive of people in the YouTube community and the favor will be returned.

2. Post video responses to high-trafficked content.

When a video or event goes viral, post your own reaction or response to it. This will allow your video to be visibly related to the trend that has already established high-traffic. By keeping your name close to popular content, traffic will be guided towards your channel.

3. Optimize metadata.

Metadata is the information that accompanies a video such as the title, description, and tags. Write captivating titles for every video to grab the attention of potential viewers. Be sure that the description provides links to your channel and other social media profiles. Tag the video with popularly searched keywords to make it easier to find.

4. Always use annotations.

Annotations will allow viewers to subscribe to your channel or watch more of your videos. Make sure you are always bringing a viewer back to more of your content after watching a video. Annotations engage the viewers throughout the video which keeps their attention on the content.

5. Use playlists and end screens.

Playlists and end screens go a step further than annotations by creating an endless loop of your content. A playlist will automatically bring a viewer to your next video while end screens ensure that they click onto another video. These tools are crucial to ensure all incoming traffic watches more than one video.

Once you have generated traffic to your channel, your view and subscriber count will rise. When someone watches one of your videos, it is crucial to get them to watch another.

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