3 Ways To Earn Extra Money Off Your Videos

As a vlogger, your main source of income is most likely the ad revenue from new uploads. However, you can passively supplement your income a few different ways. That means you can make extra money off your videos with little to no extra work.

Here are three ways vloggers can earn money passively.

1. Promote old videos through playlists.

On YouTube, your videos make AdSense money through the ads that play before each video. Whenever a viewer clicks on an advertisement, you’ll make a small commission. It doesn’t matter how long ago the video was posted or if the viewer has watched the video before.

You can boost your ad revenue by promoting old videos. Whenever you upload a new video, add it to a playlist of previous uploads. The more videos a viewer watches, the more AdSense money you’ll make.

2. Recommend products through affiliate links.

Sometimes, vloggers will list affiliate links the descriptions of their videos. Programs such as Amazon Affiliate make it easy to earn commissions off of links viewers click.

With affiliate marketing, you get to choose the companies you’re advertising for. However, you should also be sure to disclose the fact that you may receive a small commision from the link.

3. Setup a Patreon page.

Many creators fund projects through crowdfunding. Patreon is ideal for vloggers because it allows people to pledge per video. The more supporters you have, the more money you’ll make each time you upload a new video.

If you provide exclusive content for your Patreon supporters, then you’ll be more likely to find success with the platform.

YouTubers don’t have to be tied down to AdSense when it comes to making money off their videos. Try out a few of these tricks to start making extra money off your videos.

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