How To Gauge What Your Viewers Want Through Surveys

Perhaps the best way to get more views is to create exactly the videos your subscribers want to see. However, between hundreds of video comments and even more social media replies, how do you know what that is?

Here’s how to gauge what your viewers want through surveys.

1. Create an online survey they can access easily.

You can use a Google Forms or Survey Monkey to conduct a survey of your followers. Ask for demographic information such as age and gender. Then, list a few questions about your content, such as which video series they like the best or how often they’d like for you to post.

Every year, Hank Green conducts an audience survey called the Nerdfighter Census.

2. Promote the survey on social media and in your video descriptions.

The most important step is getting viewers to take your survey. Push it out on social media and include the link in your upcoming video descriptions. You can encourage fans to share the survey by retweeting and following those who do.

Use your favorite social media marketing strategies to promote your survey link.

3. Analyze your data and apply your findings.

Finally, it’s time to analyze your data. You can use Microsoft Excel to crunch the numbers, or, if you pay for a premium Survey Monkey membership, you can get the site to do it for you.

Once you get your data back, evaluate your findings and decide how to apply it to your content creation moving forward.

Check out this tutorial on analyzing your data with Excel.

Conducting a survey of your audience will provide insight into what your viewers want. By applying your findings, you’ll be better equipped to cater to your subscribers’ interests.

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