3 Ways To Turn Viral Trends Into Videos

Viral trends get a lot of attention in a short amount of time. As soon as a post or a story catches the right person’s attention, it can spread far and wide online. Suddenly, everyone from the local news to your favorite star has something to say about the latest viral trend. Giving your two cents is a great way to direct some of that attention to your channel.

Here are three ways to turn viral trends into videos.

1. Try to recreate the trend at home.

Oftentimes, expensive products or exclusive releases go viral. Though lots of people want it, not many of them can actually get it. That’s where you come in.

DIYs are always popular on YouTube. So, try to recreate your favorite viral trend at home. Study the trend and see how other people are reacting to it. Then, design a way to do it yourself.

When the creator behind Simply Nailogical saw a diamond cappuccino trending on Instagram, she decided to create one herself. By researching cake decorating sugar, she was able to design a sparkly latte of her own.

2. Poke fun with a parody.

Many of the original YouTube stars made names for themselves by creating parodies. The one thing people love more than trending topics is making fun of what’s popular.

When fidget spinners were popular, Jacksfilms parodied the trick videos other creators made.

3. Turn it into a challenge.

From cinnamon to a hundred layers, crazy challenges are a hallmark of online video. You can create a potentially viral new video by taking a trend and turning it into a challenge.

Slime has been all the rage on YouTube lately, so vloggers Wengie and Natalie’s Outlet invented their own slime challenge.

Incorporating viral trends into your videos is a great way to draw attention to your channel. Try one of these video ideas next time a viral trend catches your attention.

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