How Tyler Oakley Built An Audience Of Almost 8 Million Subscribers

Tyler Oakley is one of the biggest names on YouTube. More than a vlogger, he’s become the voice of an entire generation of up-and-coming LGBTQ+ content creators.

Here’s how Tyler Oakley built up an audience of almost eight million subscribers.

1. He’s spent ten years building up his channel.

For Tyler, success didn’t happen overnight. Rather, since early 2007, he’s been regularly uploading new videos to his channel. Tyler helped establish what success looks like in the YouTube world.

2. He concentrated on a cause that’s personal to him.

A substantial part of Tyler’s online activity focuses on LGBTQ+ activism. He’s openly been a part of this community since starting his channel. He discusses issues such as politics, healthcare, education, and suicide prevention in his videos, on his podcast, and even in more mainstream media.

3. He published a book.

Tyler’s book, Binge, brought a lot of attention to his channel. His quirky, unique way of looking at the world attracted millions of readers and millions of viewers.

Tyler Oakley has almost eight million subscribers because he built a strong community around his channel.

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