How To Get Your Videos Trending

YouTube’s trending page is often dominated by movie trailers and music videos. However, there’s also plenty of room for videos from everyday content creators. Plenty of vloggers have watched a video climb its way to the top of the trending page.

Here’s how you can get your own videos trending.

1. Go big or go home.

Viewers like expensive. However, not many have the money to spend on pricey foods or beauty products. That’s where vloggers come in. By investing in a hundred dollar doughnut or a high-end lipstick, you could potentially make a video that attracts hundreds of thousands of curious viewers.

This video got more than a hundred thousand views in four hours.

2. Take a GoPro and hit the road.

Travel vloggers create some of the most popular content on YouTube. Even if you’re just trekking through the woods in your own backyard, you never know what viral-worthy adventures you may find.

This ocean adventure hit the second spot on the trending page.

3. Answer a question that everyone’s asking.

Informational videos are also popular because many viewers would rather someone else do the research for them. It may only take a few minutes of Googling to reveal the answer you’ve always wanted to know.

This video reached almost a million views the day after it was uploaded.

Creating a trending video takes a little bit of work and a whole lot of creativity. Try one of these ideas if you’d like to see your channel’s name at the top of YouTube’s trending page.

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