How John Mayer Became A Successful Musician

John Mayer has made a name for himself as a singer and songwriter. He’s now a Grammy-winning artist and an accomplished producer.

Here’s how John Mayer became a successful musician.

1. He left college to pursue his career as a performer.

John studied at the Berklee College of Music. However, he left his Boston college to move to Atlanta with a friend in 1997. They formed a two-man band called Lo-Fi Masters. However, their career as a band was relatively short-lived, and John decided to go solo.

2. He gained a following playing local clubs.

After his band split up, John continued to play different clubs and venues around Atlanta. He quickly amassed a following, and he was able to perform at the South by Southwest festival in 2001.

3. He signed a record deal after performing at a major music festival.

John’s first SXSW performance caught the attention of Aware Records, who he signed with before signing with Columbia. He then released his first EP and two successful albums before winning a Grammy in 2003.

John Mayer became a successful musician by first building a local following. His growing audience helped him land a spot at SXSW, which in turn caught the attention of a major record label.

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