How Tyler Oakley Became A YouTube Icon

YouTuber Tyler Oakley has been making videos for about ten years now. He’s also a podcaster, author, and activist. Tyler’s bright, quirky personality has attracted almost eight million subscribers.

Here’s how Tyler Oakley became A YouTube icon.

1. He gave a voice to an under-represented population.

When Tyler first joined YouTube, the LGBTQ+ community was largely under-represented online. However, Tyler quickly became an open and active voice for his community. He’s been sharing his story since he joined YouTube.

Tyler continues to be a voice for the LGBTQ+ community through projects such as his documentary series Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience.

2. He’s involved in other types of media.

Tyler isn’t just a YouTuber. He also produces his own podcast, Psychobabble. Tyler has also written a best-selling book. On top of that, Tyler’s been a voice actor, an entertainment reporter, and a host.

Tyler hosted The Tyler Oakley Show on Ellen Degeneres’s channel.

3. He does a ton of collab videos.

Tyler Oakley is the king of collabs. From singing on stage with One Direction to crossing the ocean to film with Dan and Phil, Tyler has worked with many of the biggest names in pop culture.

Tyler frequently makes collab videos with his fellow YouTubers.

Tyler Oakley is a major player on the YouTube scene. By becoming a voice for his community and working with other vloggers, Tyler became an irreplaceable member of the YouTube community.

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