How to Write and Implement an Artist Bio

We here at Promolta can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone online to look up a musician only to find their information is nowhere to be found. If listeners, executives, and the media can’t read up on your band they’re just going to move on to the next act. Here’s a quick guide on writing artist bios and spreading them around the web.

1) Be clear and provide hard facts – Artist bios are important resources for bloggers and reviewers because they provide the background information needed for album reviews and other articles. By providing information in a clear, concise manner you avoid the risk of losing impatient writers who want to help spread your name and provide glowing reviews.

2) Be creative and tell your story – Your bio should include a small “how it all began” story about the formation of your band and what it’s all about. If you’re a band looking to improve the world with music explain that genuinely and say how you’re going to do it. If it reads like a brochure when you’re done, rewrite it. No record executive is going to hire a boring band.

3) Spread your bio around the Internet – Sites like Facebook, YouTube, ReverbNation, AllMusic, all have bio sections and they’re all high traffic. If anyone looks up your name on one of these sites they should be able to get the low-down on your music as soon as they land on your page

Extra tips to remember:

1) Make sure to write in the third person – It’s convention and if you don’t media and executives will write you off as unprofessional.

2) Start with the story – don’t start with a statement about your genre or how you fit into the new music scene. You want to pull readers in from the start.

3) Proofread it ­– Obviously.

4) Update it – Make sure to update your profile as your band releases new albums and your story progresses.

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