Brand Innovator Advice on Marketing to Millennials

It’s already 2015 and if you hadn’t noticed, times are changing. Newspaper, music, marketing, and other industries have begun to see major changes in costumer behavior. Early July a group of marketing directors from America’s biggest companies met to discuss these changes, with focus on how to reach the new generation of young people, Millennials. Here’s what they found:

1) Millennials are keen on authenticity – Marketing heads are finding that when they hire internet personalities to market and promote their products, they have more success using smaller, niche-driven personalities than when they use celebrities. Millennials trust and identify most with the sites, pages, and figures they follow themselves, not just any famous celebrity.

2) Convenience is king and mobile is most convenient – If you’ve gone outside at all lately you’ll see everyone on their smart phone… all the time. Since millennials are most familiar with new technology, they are the most dependent. Marketing directors are now finding that if they want to reach the youth, their products better be accessible on smartphones.

3) View count is secondary ­­– YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other sites all run on view counts to track a piece of content’s popularity. Unfortunately each site has different requirements to register a view – some 3 seconds, others thirty. Thus, directors agreed, the only way to ensure a video’s success is good “engagement”, or ability to hold viewers’ attentions.

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