How To Vlog Like A Pro

So you want to be the next David Dobrik or Casey Neistat, but whenever you try to vlog, you can’t help but feel awkward. Maybe you think your videos would be better, if only you had more time or money to invest. However, you don’t need years of experience or the most high-end equipment to look and feel confident on camera.

With these tips, anyone can vlog like a pro.

Use a conversational tone.

When you’re looking directly into the camera, you may feel as if you need to speak in a more polished, professional manner. However, this may lead to speech that feels stilted, awkward, or unnatural. It can become boring or even difficult for viewers to listen to.

Instead, use a conversational tone. Talk to the vlog camera as if you’re talking to a friend. If you’re struggling, then practicing by talking to yourself in the mirror as if you were vlogging. The more comfortable you get talking out loud to yourself, the easier it will be to use a conversational tone in your vlogs.

Don’t just stand still and talk to the camera.

Have you ever noticed that, in broadcast news, the most interesting pieces involve the journalists actually moving around? Rather than stand in front of the camera with their microphone, they’re encouraged to find some sort of action that will make their video package more visually engaging. Similarly, characters in movies and television shows often do small actions while reciting their dialogue, even if it’s as simple as holding a coffee mug.

To generate more visual interest in your vlogs, give yourself something to do. Never just stand and talk to the camera. Match your actions to the theme of your vlog. For example, if you’re filming a travel vlog, then you might be walking to the train station while you tell your viewers about your plans for the day. If you’re filming a daily vlog, then you might be cooking breakfast while you chat to your audience.

To build a community, practice authenticity.

Oftentimes, vloggers feel as if they should be creating aspirational content, showcasing their luxury vacations and high-end purchases to make people want to watch. However, many vloggers can’t afford to create this kind of content all the time, and many viewers grow bored of watching creators show off.

What it really takes to create a community with your audience is authenticity. When you’re true to who you are both on and off camera, you’ll build trust with viewers. In return, they’ll become loyal supporters of your work. So, don’t be afraid to share your failures, vulnerabilities, and struggles. Content that feels more realistic is more approachable and often more enjoyable.

To vlog like a pro, think of your audience as a friend. Use a conversational tone, keep moving, and practice authenticity.

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