How This Recent Graduate Is Growing His Online Following

Jack Edwards has spent the last few years growing his online following as well as earning his literature degree. His approachable, personable content style appeals to thousands of viewers in the UK and beyond. He’s even been able to launch his career as a writer through the support of his audience.

Here’s how Jack Edwards is growing his online following.

He started his channel to supplement the content on his lifestyle blog.

Jack first started his lifestyle blog, “The Jack Experience,” in 2014 as a way to chronicle his university experience. A year later, he decided to start a YouTube channel as well. He began uploading weekly videos to supplement the content on his blog.

Creating content on two different platforms helped Jack grow his overall online audience. He covered the same topics, but he was able to approach them in unique ways by working in different media. For example, on his blog, he occasionally writes travel guides, but on his channel, he’s able to share vlogs about the trips he’s taken.

He frames his videos from a unique perspective.

Until his recent graduation, being a university student was a core part of Jack’s personal brand. A lot of his videos were framed from the perspective of a student. He did “day in the life” vlogs, advice videos, and “study with me” live streams.

Now, he makes videos from the perspective of a recent graduate. For example, he’s vlogged the process of moving out on his own. Because he studied literature, he’s also been making videos about books. His new series about reading YouTuber books has garnered a lot of attention.

He makes videos that are relatable to a specific demographic.

A large part of Jack’s success is due to his ability to create content for a specific demographic. Rather than try to make videos that appeal to a wide audience, he focuses on university students. While viewers from other demographics may find his videos entertaining or informative, his main goal is to reach those who are sharing his current experiences.

Because his channel focuses on his university experience, he’s able to concentrate on growing an audience of viewers who fit that demographic. He’s also been able to establish himself as a sort of expert or influencer in that content realm, which enabled him to write a book that caters towards university students.


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Jack Edwards grew his online following by focusing on a specific demographic and their shared experiences. His relatable content appeals to thousands of university and college students from the UK and beyond.

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