How To Upload Your Song Audio As A YouTube Video

With the growing popularity of streaming, more and more artists are uploading their music as audio tracks on YouTube. By making their songs accessible on YouTube, these artists direct viewers away from other videos that violate the musicians’ copyrights.

In order to upload your song audio to YouTube, however, it has to be in a video format. Here’s how to upload your song audio as a YouTube video.

1. Drop a piece of album artwork into your video editor.

Whenever you stream a song from YouTube, the audio usually plays over the album artwork rather than a video. To get the same effect, insert your own album artwork as an image into your video editor.

The tutorial below is for Adobe Premiere, but you can find similar instructions for the editing software of your choice.

2. Insert your song audio.

Then, upload your song audio into the same project. Drag it onto the timeline under the image. The process should be the same as adding background music or externally recorded audio to a typical YouTube video.

Here is another tutorial for Adobe Premiere. If you’re using a different editing software, such as Final Cut Pro, search for a related tutorial on YouTube.

3. Extend the image to the length of the song.

Next, extend your image’s duration to match the length of the song. You should be able to hover over the end of the image on your timeline and drag it to the end of the audio track.

Changing the duration of the image to match the audio length ensures viewers won’t see a black screen after a few seconds.

4. Export your video and upload as usual.

Finally, export your video as a .mp4 or .wav format. Upload it the same way you would any other video.

In the title, be sure to put “audio” or “official audio” in parentheses.

Uploading your song audio as a YouTube video protects your copyright and brings more viewers to your channel. When fans can stream music right from your channel, they won’t need to go anywhere else.

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