How To Turn Your YouTube Channel Into A Successful Brand

There are a few easily recognizable brands that have their origins on YouTube, such as Nerdy Nummies and Makeup Geek. These companies got their start as channels or video series that grew in popularity, eventually turning into profitable companies.

Here’s how you can turn your YouTube channel into a successful brand.

1. Create highly marketable content.

Think about the kind of videos that make the most money. Gaming videos are super popular on YouTube, as are food videos and makeup videos. What these videos all have in common is that they play into major markets.

In order to be marketable, your content should fit into a certain industry. This will give you a well-defined audience and open up more opportunities for brand deals.

Rosanna Pansino’s videos fit into two major markets- video games and food. Her Nerdy Nummies series teaches viewers how to make desserts inspired by their favorite games and movies. Ro’s been able to publish a cookbook and launch her own baking line.

2. Have a definite vision for where you want your career to go.

Many content creators start out making their videos for fun. However, the difference between a hobby and a career is the vision that you have for it. Planning your future will bring your dreams one step closer.

For example, there’s a huge beauty community on YouTube. Lots of creators love to share their favorite makeup tutorials and new product reviews. Most of the biggest beauty vloggers have launched their own lines of products, a dream come true for any makeup lover.

Jeffree Star got his start making beauty videos on YouTube. However, he is also well-known in the beauty industry for his highly successful company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He continues to use YouTube to promote his new products and further his career.

3. Keep your content relevant.

Relevancy is a hard-fought battle for any online creator. However, keeping viewers’ attention focused on what you’re creating is the only way to ensure continued success.

In order to keep your content relevant, you have to stay on top of the trends. Creating timely content is equally important. Check out this post to learn more about creating timely and relevant videos.

Zoe Sugg has managed to keep her channel relevant for the better part of a decade by transforming “Zoella” into a successful brand.

Turning your channel into a brand is one of the true marks of YouTube success. By creating relevant, marketable content, you, too, can turn your channel into a profitable brand.

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