How To Market And Sell Your Own Line Of YouTuber Merch

People love to rep the brands they love, whether it be a pair of Nike shoes or an ACDC t-shirt. Your YouTube subscribers are no different. More than just a creative outlet, your channel is a business- your business. Selling merch is one of the best ways to make money through your YouTube presence.

Here’s how you can market and sell your own line of YouTuber merch.

1. Design merch that represents what your channel is all about.

Anybody can put a channel name on a t-shirt and sell it for a few bucks. What your audience really wants is merch that is super specific to your channel. Incorporate popular catchphrases, inside jokes, and important themes from your videos.

You should also choose a color palette that fits with your channel’s aesthetic. For example, if you’re well-known for wearing pink all the time, then most of your merch should be pink. If your personal style is all about vintage vibes, then you should incorporate that into your channel.

It’s also important to choose products that your audience will actually want to use. If you have a largely school-aged audience, then backpacks and pencil cases will sell well. However, if your audience is mostly people in their twenties, then keychains and laptop stickers are probably a better bet.

Lilly Singh’s new merch celebrates the same girl power values that her channel stands for.

2. Create your own e-commerce store.

Because your audience is online, the best place to sell your new merch will be the internet. Sites like Shopify make it easy to create your own e-commerce store. If you already have your own website, then you can add a link to your online shop there.

If you don’t want to create an online store of your very own, then sites like Amazon and Etsy help you sell your own products pretty simply. If your audience is small enough for you to manage direct sales, then you can sell your merch through a private Facebook group created just for them.

Videos like this one can help you make the most of your online sales.

3. Advertise through your videos with clever product placement.

The best way to get your viewers talking about your new merch is to use it in your videos. Don’t be afraid to wear your own t-shirts or drink from your own mugs on camera. Be sure to put a link in the description.

You can also use this clever product placement as a segue for introducing your new merchandise. Mention the products briefly in the intro of your next few videos so that your viewers know where to get it, even if they’ve missed a video or two.

Dan and Phil are great at not-so-subtle product placement. They introduce viewers to their new merch in themed videos like this one.

YouTube fans love merch almost as much as they love their favorite online creators. By marketing and selling your own merch, you can give your subscribers products they love while increasing your income.

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