How To Turn Instagram Story Views Into YouTube Views

Instagram’s stories feature keeps your followers coming back to your profile several times a day. Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring the same kind of attention to your YouTube channel?

Instead of using your Instagram story exclusively for pet pictures and #OOTD, you can utilize that space in a way that encourages more of your followers to check out your YouTube channel as well.

Use the question-and-answer feature to create a story viewers engage with.

How many vloggers have you seen undertake the “reacting to your assumptions about me” challenge over the past few weeks? Most of them used the question sticker on their Instagram stories to get fans to submit their responses.

Making more videos like this will pique your Instagram followers’ interest in your YouTube channel. When a fan as the chance of being featured in a video, they’re way more likely to watch it.

Be sure to remind your followers and subscribers to turn on your post notifications so that they don’t miss the video you created together.

Direct them to your channel verbally or through onscreen text.

Another good way to turn your Instagram story views into YouTube views is to verbally direct your followers to your channel. Share a short clip of yourself telling them to check out your channel, watch your new video, or go hit subscribe so they don’t miss what’s coming next.

In this Instagram story post, vlogger Loey Lane caught her viewers’ attention with a behind-the-scenes shot from her recent project. She used the image to tease her fans and get them excited for the video she planned to upload.

If you’ve ever watched a vlogger’s Instagram story, you’ve likely been told to swipe up! Once you reach ten thousand followers or get your account verified, you’ll be able to unlock the swipe up feature on your own Instagram story. Then, you can use it to link your new videos like Mykie from Glam & Gore did.

Share teasers and sneak peeks of your videos.

Finally, like Loey Lane did, you can get the people who watch your Instagram story to check out your channel by sharing more about what you’re doing for YouTube. However, you don’t have to wait until the day before your video will be uploaded to start teasing.

Vlogger and film director Hazel Hayes recently shared with her Instagram followers that she was making a video with actress Rebel Wilson. However, she didn’t share when the video will be on her channel, so interested followers are more likely to go and subscribe now so they don’t miss it.

To turn your Instagram story views into YouTube views, use your story to share more about what you’re doing for YouTube. Pique your followers’ interest and direct them to your channel.

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