3 Ways To Get More Engagement On Your Community Posts

YouTube’s community tab is great for connecting with your subscribers between uploads. However, a community post is only as effective as the level of engagement it receives. The more likes, comments, or votes a community post receives, the more your audience is paying attention.

Here are three ways to get more engagement on your community posts.

1. Include a picture to catch viewers’ attention.

As a vlogger, you know the importance of an eye-catching thumbnail. Bright colors, an expressive face, and short lines of text grab a viewer’s attention, enticing them to click on the video.

To make a community post that grabs your viewers’ attention, include a picture. It can be as simple as a selfie, or you may consider using a screenshot from your upcoming video.

In this community post, Wengie shared a selfie that tied in with her new video. The bright colors and close angle in the photo caught her subscribers’ attention.

2. Use polls to make it interactive.

The community tab allows you to include polls in your posts. Adding an interactive feature will encourage more subscribers to stop and engage with your post.

You can relate your poll to your videos. For example, you may ask your viewers what they thought of your recent upload or what they’d like to see next. Grav3yardgirl made a poll on her community page to ask her viewers how long they’d prefer her new video to be.

Alternatively, you may ask your viewers a question related to the content of your videos with the purpose of starting a conversation. That’s what Today I Found Out decided to do after a throwaway comment in a video got their viewers thinking.

3. Use responses to your community posts in your videos.

To make your viewers really care about your community posts, start using their responses in your videos. You may make an entire video answering questions they ask in the comments of your community post or shout-out a viewer who commented.

Alternatively, you can allow your subscribers’ feedback to influence decisions you make about your channel and your videos. Ask open-ended questions. Make notes about their general consensus and respond accordingly with your actions.

For example, Anna Akana used a community post to ask her viewers what they’d like to see in future videos.

To get your subscribers to engage with your community posts more, focus on making your posts more interactive. Include pictures and polls, and use their responses in your videos.

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