How To Track Channel Growth

Tracking your channel growth is just as significant as growing it. Knowing how you’ve done in the time you set for your goals can help you see where you need to improve. YouTube’s analytics are definitely important to pay attention to. Here are three tips on how to track your channel growth.

1. Analyze after a certain amount of time.

When you’re a newbie, you might be tempted to check the analytics for every single video every single day. That is the fastest way to get discouraged because you will not see massive changes every day. Growing is going to take time, lots of time, so wait to analyze over that period of time.

How long you wait depends on you, but you can check quarterly, bi-yearly, or every year. You should check bi-yearly at the very least. Waiting too long to check your analytics can work against you as well, so find a pace that works for you. It is a good idea to check at the end of every year, though, so you can set goals for the upcoming year.

This video from Video Creators gives more great details on how to analyze your data specifically.

2. Compare the past two years.

Comparing the last year (2017) to the year before that (2016) will show you how much you grew. You’ll also see where you grew, where you didn’t grow, and where you maybe need to make some improvements. YouTube analytics has some amazing features that will give you a clear result.

Open up two tabs in your browser of choice. Then, head over to the creator studio and open up your analytics tab. Then, at the top right of your screen, under “Overview”, you’ll see a drop-down menu that is set at the default. Click it, and you’ll be able to see more timeline options. You can even set your own custom timeline.


3. Look for patterns.

This relates back to #2. Looking for patterns in each category of the analytics will help you figure out what types of things do well and what types of things don’t. In order to see the pattern accurately, you’ll need to look at each individual aspect of your channel. Watch for any peaks or dips in each category.

Use these patterns to set your goals. Did your likes go up on a certain subject? Did they dip? Did you get more comments on this video type than that one? Adjust your channel and your goals for the upcoming year as you see what does and doesn’t work. The image below outlines how you can clearly see patterns using YouTube analytics.


In order to track your channel growth, you need to analyze after a certain amount of time, compare at least the past two years, and look for patterns. It takes time and dedication, but doing these things will help you get started when setting your goals for the upcoming year.

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