10 Ways To Get 100 Subscribers Every Day

You’ve just posted your first few videos on your channel, but you aren’t getting any views or subscribers. Now what? How do you get 100 subscribers, especially when you’re virtually unknown? You want to keep it legal, but you also want subscribers. Well, this post has your answer.

Here are 10 tips on how to get 100 subscribers every day.

1. Have a specific value to a specific audience.

The first step to get 100 subscribers is simple: find your niche! Find the thing that will appeal to one specific type of audience. Don’t say “You should watch my channel because I’m funny.” That’s too general and it will be harder to grow your channel that way. Having a specific niche will help your channel grow because it will appeal to a certain audience, and they’ll tell their friends that have the same interests, and so on.

Finding your niche is easy. Just ask what you want your audience to take away from your videos. You may have to try out certain things to see if they fit, and that’s ok! YouTube is a trial-and-error process and you won’t become good overnight. Take your time and find something that works for you.

This video by Video Influencers gives great tips on how to find your niche.

2. Research your idea before shooting.

So you’ve found your niche and now you need to find good ideas. It’s definitely ok to think of ideas and say “Oh, I like this and it fits!” but make sure to research your idea on YouTube itself. You need to know how much competition there is and how that competition is doing. Which videos have the most views? Which have the least? See what works and adjust your idea accordingly.

Another tip is to find videos that have a high view count on a channel with a low subscriber count. This will tell you what video ideas might work for your channel. Check https://trends.google.com/trends/ to see how your video ideas are doing at the time. If they aren’t doing well, you might not want to do that idea just yet.


3. Spend more time making better titles and thumbnails.

Believe it or not, improving these two basic parts of your videos will really give your subscriber count a boost. Titles and thumbnails that are clear, easy to read, attractive, and pertain directly to the subject of your videos will draw subscribers like flies to honey. It will take a little extra time to think of and create them, but it will really help increase your subscriber count.

There are tons of videos on YouTube that will help you create basic thumbnails that still look attractive, but don’t be afraid to branch out. Make sure your colors pop but keep your text easy to read. Make sure that your thumbnail is also easily viewed on mobile devices.

This video by YouTube Creator Academy gives some great tips on how to make eye-catching thumbnails and titles!

4. Simply ask your viewers to subscribe.

So it’s the end of your video and your viewer enjoyed it, and they want to see more. Ask them to! The best way to get 100 subscribers is to ask for them. A call to subscribe at the end of your video is not pushy or annoying. You need to keep in mind that the viewer might not be as familiar with YouTube as you are, so they won’t automatically remember to subscribe.

Putting an interactive card or subscribe button in your videos will actually help you get more subscribers. You can put it anywhere in your video as well. Test out what spots in your video seem to work best.

This video from YouTube Creator Academy gives some great tips on how to ask your viewers to subscribe.

5. Pay attention to your audience retention graphs.

Audience retention graphs are one of the aspects of YouTube Analytics that people don’t realize are great sources of information. These are graphs that give a breakdown of your videos and show when your audience may be losing interest in your videos. You can literally see at which point your audience has last interest and that can help you adjust your videos to prevent that from happening.

The more you check these graphs, the more you’ll be able to create content that will hook your viewers and keep them interested longer. This will keep them coming back for more and they’ll also be more likely to tell others about your channel. You can find more information about audience retention graphs here.

This video by YouTube Help will give you a quick tutorial on how you can use the Audience Retention graph.

6. Find a way to tap into other communities.

Finding other communities is a great way to get 100 subscribers fast. It is really hard to grow a community from scratch and if you’re trying to grow your channel at the same time, it can be doubly hard. So instead of trying to create your own community right away, start by finding other communities in your niche and establishing yourself.

Make sure to actually establish yourself and not just pop in and say “Hey watch my channel” and then leave. Become an active member of that community. Respond to posts. Start discussions. Join discussions. Be present and make friends. This will lead to more subscribers as you become known. You can also Google websites that are specifically tailored for YouTube promotion.


7. Analyze other creators’ videos.

Research other successful creators that have done videos on your topic and see what works and what doesn’t work for them. Don’t copy their exact ideas, but don’t be afraid to learn from the master. They are successful for a reason, so find out what those reasons are.

Analyze everything you can about their videos and what seems to be working for them. Look at their titles and thumbnails and ask why you chose that thumbnail rather than the one directly below it. Pay attention to how they hook their viewers. Look at every aspect of their video and take notes.

Here’s a video by Derral Eves that shows how to view other videos’ analytics.

8. Add a subscriber watermark at the bottom corner of your videos.

This is actually a pretty cool feature that anyone can do, and it’s very easy to set up. Adding a subscriber watermark at the end of your videos is a great tool to help boost your subscriber count in a less obvious way. All a person has to do is hover over it and a subscribe button pops up. It’s very useful for mobile viewers as well.

Simply head to Creator Studio and then click the “Channels” option. Click “Branding” and then click “Add watermark.” You can use any type of image you want, but make sure it’s 800 pixels x 800 pixels. After you have uploaded it, you can choose any time you want the mark to pop up.


9. Put your videos into playlists.

YouTube has actually stated that if you use series playlists, they’re more likely to show videos that are related to that playlist. This is basically saying that if you have your playlist set as a series, there’s a higher chance that the other videos in that playlist will be recommended. This increases your watch time and chances of being subscribed to.

In order to make your playlist a series, go to your playlist and click the button that says “Playlist Settings.” Click that button, and then click the box that says “Set as official series for this playlist.”


10. Add pop-up subscribe buttons or interactive cards.

Sometimes, your audience will love your videos but just simply forget to subscribe to you. This is a great way to bring more attention to your subscribe button than a watermark. You can add in fun subscribe buttons or interactive cards that pop up in your video and remind your viewers to subscribe to you if they like your content.

Pop-up subscribe buttons and interactive cards catch your viewers’ attention and you will definitely see an increase in your subscribers when you start utilizing them. You can add them anywhere in the video that you want. Make sure that they’re not too big or they will pose as an annoying interruption.

This video by RyGuy talks about other great options to get subscribers.

In order to get 100 subscribers every day, you need to be willing to put in the time and effort to make your videos look great. These 10 tips will help you get 100 subscribers every day on your YouTube channel while also being easy-to-use and completely legal. Remember these tips when you create and edit your videos, and make sure to search for more great tips on Google and YouTube.

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Alexis is currently attending school to become an elementary school teacher. When she’s not wrestling with her cat, she enjoys reading, writing, and watching YouTube.