How To Tag Your Location In YouTube Uploads

Tagging your location on posts has been helping influencers reach new fans on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms for quite some time now. However, the location tag feature only recently became available on YouTube.

Here’s how to tag your location in videos and live streams on YouTube.

First, understand how tagging your location can help you reach new viewers.

Viewers can find your videos by filtering their search results by location. The location also pops up on the video’s watch page.

Therefore, tagging your location can help you in two ways. First, if viewers are looking for travel videos, then they may filter by the location they’re interested in. When you make a travel vlog, whether it’s to a different country or a convention a few hours away, be sure to tag your location.

Viewers may also be interested in finding local vloggers. Tagging your location when you’re not travelling can help you connect with fans who live nearby, which in turn can open up doors for you to hold local events such as meetups.

On a desktop, go to YouTube Studio Beta.

Now that you know why you should tag your location, you’re ready to learn how. On a computer or laptop, you can easily add location tags to all of your previous videos.

If you’re using a desktop, head to your dashboard. In your YouTube Studio, go to “videos.” Select the video you want to tag. Then, click on the advanced settings. There, you can click on “location” and select the one you want. Be sure to save your changes.

On a mobile device, go to “My Channel.”

The process is much more streamlined on mobile. You can add location tags more quickly and easily, which is great for vloggers on the go.

If you’re using a mobile device, first, click on your profile picture. Then, go to “My channel.” From there, select “videos” then “menu.” In the menu, select “edit.” Next, you’ll be able to select an option from a list of suggested locations. Alternatively, you can also add your own.

Tagging your location in your YouTube videos and live streams can help you connect with new viewers. Add your location to past and future videos so they can be found from all over the world.

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