How Rhett And Link Started A Successful YouTube Show

If you’ve spent any time on the YouTube trending page in the last few years, then you’re likely familiar with Good Mythical Morning. As one of the most popular shows on the internet, GMM reaches millions of viewers multiple times a week.

However, the creators behind Good Mythical Morning weren’t always entertainers. In fact, before they were making funny videos for a living, Rhett and Link were engineers who only did comedy as a hobby.

Here’s how Rhett and Link started a successful YouTube show.

They started by experimenting with different kinds of content.

Before making internet comedy videos full-time, Rhett and Link worked together on several other projects. Best friends since first grade, they spent a lot of their childhood embarking on one creative venture after another. Their most noteworthy collaborative projects included a screenplay, a parody film, and a punk rock band.

As they got older, the duo also worked in advertising together, creating jingles and sketches for local commercials. However, despite their love of comedy, their first majorly successful project came in the form of a documentary.

In Looking For Ms. Locklear, Rhett and Link undertook the mission of finding the teacher who first introduced them to each other. The documentary won multiple awards.

They focused on the content both they and their audience enjoyed the most.

Though their documentary was highly successful, Rhett and Link’s true passion still lay in comedy. Soon after college, they left their engineering jobs to focus on their YouTube careers full-time.

Rhett and Link first built their online audience by sharing comedy sketches and music videos. Soon, their videos were getting tens of millions of views.

This success opened up a lot of doors to create bigger and better content by working with sponsors. For example, one of their most popular music videos, “Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek,” was created in partnership with Tiger Direct.

They hyper-focused on their most popular channel.

Together, Rhett and Link run several channels. However, their most popular by far is Good Mythical Morning. Because of the wild success of this show, Rhett and Link have spent the last few years focusing solely on GMM and other content that supports it.

Good Mythical Morning has blossomed into a full production company, Mythical Entertainment. They work out of a studio with a team of producers, writers, editors, designers, and even a chef.

In addition to daily episodes of GMM, Rhett and Link upload behind-the-scenes content to Good Mythical More. On top of that, their producer hosts a weekly talk show called The Mythical Show, and their team members create their own series for the channel This Is Mythical.

Rhett and Link’s online success tells an inspiring story for all aspiring YouTube stars. Figure out what kind of content most resonates with your viewers, and use it to captivate their attention.

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