How To Stop Spam Comments For Good

The comments section under a YouTube video can be a great place to connect with your viewers and get a great discussion about your content started. However, as with many other places on the internet, YouTube comments are often haunted by trolls and spam comments.

Both you and your subscribers shouldn’t have to deal with spammers, and you don’t have to! Here is how you can stop the spam comments for good.

1. Download a browser extension to detect and block troll commenters.

There are several free browser extensions that can flag spam commenters for you. One of the best, Hide Fedora, specifically highlights trolls who come from Reddit, which is notorious for sending armies of trolls to attack innocent YouTube videos.

Hide Fedora will remove Reddit spam comments from your videos and enables you to report the users who make such comments. It’s available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

2. Block words and phrases that appear frequently in spam comments.

As previously mentioned, Hide Fedora enables you to report troll commenters. However, you may also be dealing with spam bots that impersonal creators leave comments like “Free gift for my subscribers!” They try to trick your subscribers with a link that will likely end up endangering their computers or their personal information.

If spam comments show up on your videos frequently, then you can use Hide Fedora to block certain words or phrases from your YouTube comments. You may want to start with phrases like “free gift” or “giveaway.”

3. Report individual spam comments and encourage your viewers to do the same.

Sometimes, dealing with spam comments may require a more direct approach. You can report them individually, starting with the ones nearest the top of your comments section.

However, dealing with all those spam comments on your own can seem like a lot. Pin a comment of your own encouraging your subscribers to help you out by reporting the spam comments that they see. Together, you’ll create a better and safer environment around your channel.

Take action against trolls and spam comments to make your channel a better place for your subscribers to connect with you. Follow these tips to get rid of the spam for good.

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