How To Shoot A Beautiful Cover

Trying to shoot an attractive cover to the song you love may not be an easy task as many people think. Talent should always be presented in the right light, and literal lighting is not the only point.

1. The technical side matters.

When watching cool cover songs on YouTube, the only visual distractor for you can be those hipster twinkle lights (that now already seem to be originally designed for typical covers that amateur singers record) behind the singer. There’s also usually a beautifully furnished room, a lot of open space, and a lot of light.

Then you try to shoot your version. However, when watching later it on your laptop, for some reason, it does not look as appealing as of those with million subscribers. In fact, the picture you see on YouTube is just the tip of the iceberg, however. Most often, the whole story is about the technical equipment they use that sometimes can be as sophisticated as a professional record studio might have.

This includes far more than just a keyboard or a ukulele together with a camera.

2. Use different camera angles to create a dynamic video.

As you see, the first thing you should do as a starting YouTube star is to check eBay for at least basic equipment that will not only inspire you to continue but will also give you the confidence and courage to finally record that song you are singing now.

Speaking of singing, there is good news about yours vocal when recording a decent cover. In fact, to make the video like a song clip you sing only once, just to record the audio separately from the video itself. The rest of work is only to imitate or sing quietly so that on the final video, it will look and sound cohesive when mixed with various angles. Using many camera angles is a good idea, as this approach make the video look more professional and dynamic rather than a stable perspective.

Let’s see how those different angles help to create a magic cover.

3. Do not forget about the real drive!

At the end, there is one more little hint to help you as you only begin. Despite the complex preparation before the cover is even shot, the first task of all is, of course, to love the song and to show it at its best.

Coupled with the talent you have, drive and a sincere determination can create a viral video despite the poor light, shaking camera, messy room, and maybe even a friend’s voice as a background noise.

When talent is supported with a good equipment, the right sound, the right light, and simple video editing skills, a pure magic is created. Yes, perhaps this may not get millions of views immediately, but even years later your creation will still please your eyes and your ears. It will also touch the hearts of your supporters.

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Meruyert Smagulova is a writer and music fan.

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