How To Set Long-Term Career Goals As A Content Creator

As a content creator, you probably have plenty of immediate goals or milestones you can reach in the next few years. However, because your career path is still relatively new, you may not have lifetime goals in mind. While channel-based goals will help you build a strong foundation, you need more specific goals to help shape the trajectory of your career.

Here’s how to set long-term goals as a content creator.

Determine what industry you want to work in.

Think of your end goals as a target and your current choices as an arrow. In order to hit your target, you need to know where to aim. So, before you can set your goals, you need to determine which industry you want to work in long-term.

Consider what you’re passionate about and how it lines up with the content you create. Then, identify tangible career goals within that field. For example, if you’re a beauty vlogger, then you may have a future in the beauty industry as the owner of a makeup brand. If you’re a gaming vlogger, then you might have a future in the video game industry as a writer or designer.

Focus on building a brand outside of your channel.

Next, focus on how you can brand yourself as an influencer in that industry outside of your channel. How can you start growing your audience outside of your subscriber base? More importantly, how can you translate your follower count into revenue?

In the business world, long-term success is built on sales, not subscribers. You should begin building your brand now so that, if your channel fades in popularity, you still have something substantial to support yourself financially. Try to build a business selling something tangible besides merch, such as quality makeup palettes or cookware.

Alternatively, you might create content outside of your channel. Podcasts are another form of content virtually anyone can create. If you want to express yourself in a different way, try writing a book or making an album.

Gain experience behind the camera.

Currently, your career is very camera-focused. However, you’re not just the talent appearing on screen. You might be writing, shooting, and editing all on your own. If you have a team helping you, then you’re acting as a director. Those skills can translate into a future film career.

Therefore, you should try to get as much experience working behind the camera as you can. Join local Facebook groups or forums for filmmakers so you can find small jobs or opportunities to volunteer. Use a mix of YouTube and hands-on experience to learn about sound, camerawork, and directing on set.

You can also gain experience by volunteering to help your content creator friends. Not only will this give you a chance to practice, but it will also give you a credit you can add to your resume. If you’re not yet confident working a crew position on your own, ask if you can shadow someone or act as a production assistant. The more onset positions you gain experience in, the more you’ll understand where you could fit into the film industry.

In order to build a successful career as a content creator, you need to set long-term goals outside of your channel. Start using your influence to gain experience in other industries and build a brand so you can find out what those long-term goals are.

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