How To Get More Subscribers To Sign Up For Channel Memberships

For creators with more than five thousand subscribers, Channel Memberships are a great way to increase both your audience engagement and your earning potential. You’ll earn revenue through monthly membership fees subscribers pay in exchange for exclusive perks like live streams and custom emojis. So, the more subscribers sign up, the more you can earn.

Here are a few ways to get more subscribers to sign up for Channel Memberships.

Let Channel Members play a direct hand in making your videos.

To make more of your subscribers want to sign up for Channel Memberships, get your current Channel Members more involved in your videos. Start by letting them vote on your video ideas. You can create polls on the community page for your members.

You can also let them suggest ideas of their own then take those requests. Alternatively, you might have them comment on your post with questions for a Q-and-A, challenges for a “truth or dare,” etc. Be sure to mention in the video that all the suggestions came from Channel Members.

Create an exclusive chat room.

For many subscribers, the allure of Channel Memberships is the air of exclusivity. Treat your Channel Members like an “inner circle” of your most dedicated fans. It’s like a club, so you need a space for club members only to hang out.

You can create this exclusive space as a chat room. Discord makes it easy to create exclusive chat rooms called “channels.” You can even create several channels with varying levels of exclusivity based on the amount of a member’s monthly support. Follow the tutorial below to get started.

Give them access to the more personal side of your social media.

Any subscriber who’s willing to become a Channel Member likely cares about you as a person more than a content creator. They like your videos, but they like your personality even more. So, you can encourage them to sign up for Channel Memberships by offering them more exclusive access to your personal social media.

You can give your Channel Members access behind the privacy restrictions on certain aspects of your social media. For example, you might add them as Close Friends on Instagram so they can see your Close Friends story. Alternatively, you might grant them permission to follow your private Instagram or Twitter where you post content that’s more relaxed and carefree than your public feed.

Credit them in your videos by name.

As a YouTuber, you’re used to putting the spotlight on yourself, but you should share some of the limelight with your Channel Members. Credit them in your videos by name. You can put their names at the end of your video or in the description box.

Additionally, you might randomly select a Channel Member to get a shout-out in every video. Be sure to remind the rest of your subscribers that, if they want a chance for a shout-out, they should sign up for Channel Memberships themselves.

To get more of your subscribers to sign up for Channel Memberships, you need to lavish your current Channel Members with perks and attention. Make it a club all your fans want to be part of, and show your other subscribers how much value they’d get out of a membership.

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