How to Self Promote like Cedric the Entertainer

Cedric the Entertainer is one of the most well-known entertainers in the industry. His versatile talent and contagious energy have helped him form a widely successful career over an array of roles. New YouTube personalities can learn a lot from his positive self image.

Here’s how Cedric the Entertainer caught America’s attention and promoted himself into stardom.

1. Know what you are. 

No matter what your talent is, you must know that you are an entertainer. If the audience is not engaged in the content you are releasing, you must make changes. Cedric Antonio Kyles became “Cedric the Entertainer” after asking the host of a stand up comedy show to introduce him as an entertainer rather than a comedian. Be aware and comfortable with the idea of being an entertainer to promote your talent easily.

2. Create versatility in your skill set. 

Although Cedric the Entertainer started out as a comedian, he took on every aspect of entertainment into his acts. He would sing songs, recite poetry, and do anything that came to mind in order to fill up the time he was allotted with engaging energy. By establishing versatility, he created more opportunities for himself in the entertainment industry.

Even if your channel focuses on a specific topic, take advantage of the creative outlet by incorporating versatility. Say jokes when appropriate or recite a poem to show your audience that you have plenty to offer.

3. Establish a personal style. 

It is important when entering the entertainment field to determine your personal style. For example, Cedric the Entertainer’s jokes remain relatively clean so his style is usually kid-friendly. It’s best to know which direction you are headed in early on. As your career excels and your talents grow, your style may change along with your fan base. Having a general idea of your style of performance will help you find a suitable audience.

Cedric the Entertainer has created a career that is extremely inspiring for upcoming performers. Take note of his smooth self promotion and apply it throughout your YouTube growth.

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