How To Quickly Attract More Viewers To Your Channel

YouTube success requires growth. Though you appreciate your community of subscribers, you should always be looking for ways to bring in more.

Here are a few ways that you can quickly attract more viewers to your channel.

1. Hold a massive giveaway.

Twin YouTubers Niki and Gabi Demartino recently did a major rebranding of their shared channel. To celebrate, they held an equally major back-to-school giveaway. The girls are up to 5.7 million subscribers.

Giving your viewers the chance to win pricey makeup or technology is an almost guaranteed way to boost your subscriber count. Make it clear that only those who subscribe to your channel can enter.

2. Share your wildest, most unbelievable story.

Controversial vlogger Tana Mongeau is known for the wild stories that she tells. Though some find her videos hard to believe, that hasn’t stopped her from getting millions of views on each one.

“Storytimes” are extremely popular on YouTube. Even if it’s not your usual content style, a good storytime video can attract a ton of new viewers and even get your channel trending.

3. Collaborate with a content creator who has substantially more subscribers than you.

Just a few short years ago, Casper Lee was still an up-and-coming YouTube personality. However, after collaborating with major British vloggers like Phil Lester and Zoella, Casper quickly became one of the biggest names online himself.

Befriend and collaborate with other content creators in your area. If you don’t live close, try to reach out to them on social media or via email.

Attracting more viewers to your channel will help your subscriber count grow. Try one of these ideas and then follow up with quality content to keep your new viewers interested.

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