How This Guy Became A YouTube Star

Lucas Cruikshank has 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. However, he’s more widely known as Fred Figglehorn, the zany character he created as a kid that made him one of the first viral stars.

Here’s how Lucas Cruikshank became a YouTube star.

1. He found a content style people loved and stuck with it.

Lucas was just a kid when he decided to upload “Fred On Halloween.” The crazy character he created was an instant hit, and Lucas went on to create hundreds more Fred videos. Even as he got a little older, Lucas continued to play Fred because his viewers loved it so much.

2. He branched out into other forms of media.

Lucas created three movies starring his Fred character, all of which premiered on Nickelodeon. The popular children’s network even greenlighted a Fred TV show and cast Lucas in Marvin Marvin. He also guest-starred on iCarly and Hannah Montana.

3. When his branding got old, he switched things up with a new channel.

As Lucas got older, Fred’s popularity started to fade. To keep up with the changing culture on YouTube, Lucas retired the Fred channel in favor of his personal channel. He continues to create videos that get anywhere from a few thousand to a few million views.

Lucas Cruikshank has been a major creator on YouTube since its very beginning. By creating a character that people loved and switching his style to mature with his viewers, Lucas sustained a successful YouTube career.

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