How Shakira Became Music Industry Royalty

As one of the biggest names in pop music, Shakira has made huge strides for Latin performers in the music industry. Her record sales certainly don’t lie.

Here’s how Shakira became music industry royalty.

1. She first conquered the Latin American market.

Though her first two albums were commercially unsuccessful, Shakira made it big time with Pies Descalzos, her first major label release. She soon rose to the top of the Latin American music scene.

2. She entered the English-language market with her fifth album.

Sharika released four Spanish albums before breaking into the English-language market with her hit single “Whenever, Wherever.” The album Laundry Service was her first crossover project.

3. She created one of the best-selling songs of all time.

Shakira solidified her place in music history with the smash hit “Hips Don’t Lie.” Even now, the song still plays on pop radio, and the music video has more than 480 million views on YouTube.

Shakira is still a huge name in music today. She’s a Grammy-winning artist with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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