How to Design Your Channel to Promote Yourself

The essence of YouTube is its content creators. Without people like you producing videos, YouTube would never have grown as immensely successful as it is today. You work for YouTube, and YouTube works for you. Therefore, you should design your channel to promote yourself. Here are a few ways that you can put the “you” in YouTube.

1. Identify yourself with a unique channel name.

Even if the name you go by is already taken as a username, you should choose a channel name that identifies who you are. You could choose a variation of your own name, such as replacing all of the e‘s with 3’s. If you want to create a persona, then you could choose a title or character that you feel represents you well.

Popular content creator Lilly Singh created the girl power persona of “Superwoman” with her channel IISuperwomanII.

2. Introduce yourself with a quick channel intro video.

Though you can’t shake hands with every potential subscriber in person, a channel intro video is a great way to introduce yourself. It only takes a few minutes to let viewers know what you and your channel are all about.

Check out Zoella’s channel trailer to get some great ideas for one of your own.

3. Link your social media to connect yourself with viewers.

If your viewers like what they see, then they’re going to want more. Get them connected to more of your content by linking your social media to annotations in your videos. Be sure to point out onscreen where the annotations are floating.

Niki and Gabi always link their social media accounts in their video intros.

Successful self-promotion begins with designing your channel to promote yourself. Follow these tips to catch viewers’ attention and draw in more subscribers.

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