How to Put on a Concert Fans Will Love

Every musician dreams about performing at a huge concert in front of millions of adoring fans. Of course, to get to that point, you have to put on shows that your fans are going to love. Here are three things you can do in your performance that are going to make your fans love the show.

1. Be energetic, charismatic, and emotional.

The thing that gets audience members most excited about a performer is when they can see that the performer is excited. You should give every performance 110 percent of your energy and charisma. Sing and perform with passion, move around on stage, and show the audience how excited you are to be with them.

Also, don’t be afraid to get emotional with your fans! For example, you can tell your audience how much it means for you to be on stage, or you can talk about your childhood stories and dreams of performing. Audience members love seeing performers as not just performers, but as human beings. When you show the audience your enthusiasm, they’ll return the enthusiasm, encourage you, and make the performance even more electric.

2. Include sing-a-longs in your show.

Make sure to always include your most popular songs in your shows because audience members absolutely love when they hear songs that they’re really familiar with. It’s also a good idea to include songs that have a catchy, repeating chorus that’s easy to sing along to.

During your shows, you can encourage your fans by saying things such as “Everyone sing along!” or you can even not sing a few lines and point your microphone towards the audience! Engaging with your fans in this way will make your concert even more amazing.

Check out this video, in which Justin Bieber and his audience sing “Love Yourself” together.

3. Dedicate songs to your fans.

It’s a great idea to dedicate songs to your fans. It’s important to show how much you appreciate your supporters (since you wouldn’t be anywhere without them), and dedicating songs to them is a great way to do that.

You should acknowledge your fans and address the city that you’re in to add a personal touch. Also, if there are any audience members with an illness or hardship, you can bring them up on stage and sing to them directly to show them that you care.

Take a look at this sweet video in which Miley Cyrus sings “The Climb” to one of her fans who is battling cancer.

An incredible live performance can be one of the most memorable events of both your and your fans’ lives. If you are energetic, include sing-alongs, and dedicate songs to your fans, you will surely have an unforgettable show.

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